The business owner and CPA laughed at me when I said I could help them double the income of their business . . . BUT the room grew amazingly quiet as I began to show them how!


Does This Sound Like You?

It's a simple fact: most business owners and professionals are so busy working in their business - doing the day to day things that they don't have time to work on their business. And very often, they get so close to their business that they can't see beyond the little "box" they've cornered themselves into.

If this sounds like you, it’s not your fault. You’ve worked very hard to get your business to where it is and keep it operating. Most of the time your employees, your family and your friends don’t really understand the heavy weight on your shoulders to keep your business running.

Are you building an asset or just working for the cash flow that your business generates? The sad truth is 90% of the businesses listed for sale in the United States never sell. They don’t sell because the owner never developed a saleable business asset while they were working hard to produce income.

Would you like your business to have more customers who pay you more money and ultimately consume less of your time? Do you want a business that can be sold for a premium when you desire to exit the business? Can you imagine your business producing plenty of cash to fund future growth and the lifestyle and financial security that you desire? If you answered any of the questions YES, then. . .

I Have Good News for You

The good news is that your business can change. You can have a growing profitable business that ultimately consumes less of your time. A business that will be a valuable asset when you ultimately decide to sell the company. All of these things are possible.

You will have to spend some time working on your business. You will progress quickly if you use a defined process to identify where you can make the most progress in your business the fastest.

I Can Help!

My strategic consulting processes are carefully designed to take a "holistic" view of your business to help you identify and correct the areas that may be somehow lacking, maximize what is working well now, and implement new systems that result in huge increases in bottom line profits - in a minimum amount of time.

I use an in-depth strategic process that includes...

Step 1 - The Confidential Business Analysis:

An in-depth analysis that uncovers hidden, unseen, untapped, or overlooked sources of business and income just waiting be picked up and deposited in your bank account.

      Where is your business now?
      What is the ultimate potential of your business?
      Where would you like your business to be?
      What is the quickest, easiest, most effective, and most profitable
           way to get it there?

Step 2 - Development and Implementation of the Action Plan:

This is where the creative work is done. With hundreds of profit building strategies, we set to work to...

      Identify or create personal and company vision, goals and exit        strategy.
      Identify or create your Unique Differentiating Factor.
      Develop and install specific growth and/or efficiency strategies for        harvesting immediate windfall profits.

Develop and install effective systems that produce steady and significant growth and profits over the long term through...

      Current customers
      Past customers
      Future customers
      Staff / employees
      Vendors / suppliers
      Centers of Influence
      Referral Sources

Step 3 - The Review Process:

Even the best systems and strategies will eventually break down if they aren't constantly monitored, reviewed, and updated. The Review Process is the key to continuing growth and profits. Here we...

      Review strategies and systems.
      Appraise growth and progress.
      "Where are we?"
      "Where should we be?"
      "What else needs to be done?"
      Make necessary changes / corrections / additions / deletions

In short, my process takes a very comprehensive approach to the analysis of your business, determines where the biggest and fastest improvements can be made, then constructs and helps you implement sensible, workable, and low or no cost strategies to achieve the results you want and deserve from your business.

The bottom line is that you'll reduce your time and work load, gain more profitable dollars to your bottom line, and increase the value of your business when it's time to sell.

Can YOU benefit from this process?

While nearly every business in practically every industry, market, or profession can benefit from our profit-building systems, I'm very selective in the businesses I take on as clients.

I only work with businesses that have true potential for increased growth and profitability - whose owners are dedicated and determined to make it happen.

Some businesses can be improved or turned around with very little effort by changing or tweaking some of the systems or operations in place. Others may require more drastic measures, often completely scrapping, then redesigning and revamping entire systems.

Using a proven, comprehensive business auditing system, we can very quickly uncover and identify untapped profit opportunities that can add significant dollars to your bottom line.

Businesses with the greatest potential

Businesses with the greatest potential usually have one or more of these characteristics:

  1. Competitive Market. Very often people complain because there is too much competition in their market. But in reality, the more competition there is, the better the opportunity there is for an outstanding company or business to stand out. The key is to position your business as not just doing what everyone else is doing, but to create some quantifiable differences and then ethically exploit and capitalize on those differences. The competition can actually be a great help to the business who understands this critical point.

  2. Competition. In nearly every business, profession and industry, businesses use the same marketing, advertising and promotional strategies as their competition. To their prospects there is very little (if any) difference between them. If every business sells the same or very similar product or service as the next business, and they all charge the same or very similar prices for those products and services, why should the prospect consider buying from one business over another? There must be a quantifiable and measurable difference in the marketing message a business communicates to their market in order for them to capture the lion's share of the interested prospects.

  3. Database. Most businesses do not keep adequate records of who has purchased from them, how much they spend on average every time they buy, how often they purchase from them, or when the last time a purchase was made by them. This is a big mistake. By knowing who their customers are (past, present and future), big profits can be realized with very little effort.

  4. Sales Personnel. Their sales team is not properly trained, is not coached effectively, and is not held accountable for their actions or inactions.

  5. Systems. Most businesses do business by the seat of their pants. They lack systems that allow their business and employees to produce consistent, predictable, and measurable results - every single time. By identifying and systemizing the processes in your business, you will know exactly what results to expect from the efforts, money, and resources spent. A systematic business becomes a "cookie cutter" operation that can be run on the lowest cost employees, and best of all - is duplicable like a franchise.

  6. Back-end products. In addition to the main products or services they sell, they have other products or services that could be offered as "add-ons" or "back-end" items, but they either don't offer them, or don't do it effectively.

  7. Joint venture opportunities. Some businesses only sell one or two products or services. But there are other products and services on the market that can help enhance the use, value, benefit and life the customer gets from using the one or two products of services they sell. Even if the business doesn't have anything else to offer, there may be joint venture relationships that can be established with complimentary, but non-competing businesses.

  8. Untapped assets or opportunities. In every business there are areas of profit that are lying untapped and are just waiting to be capitalized on. Very few businesses optimize their potential for profits. And if one business is neglecting or stepping over these sources of untapped profits, you can bet that other businesses are doing the same. In many cases, it's just a matter of identifying one or two areas of potential, then going after those areas with a vengeance... and the profits will naturally follow.

  9. Growth areas. Most businesses are so busy working IN their business that they either can't see the profit opportunities lying there waiting to be capitalized on, or they don't have time, energy, or resources to go after them.

  10. Key profit generators. There are seven key areas that will contribute mightily to a businesses bottom line profits. If you aren't working on each of those key areas, you are leaving money on the table for your competitors to pick up and use against you to market to their best prospects - your customers. These key areas are:

        Lead generation
        Conversion of leads into profitable sales
        The monetary size of the sales transaction
        The number of purchases a customer makes
        The profit margins a business operates on
        The average buying lifetime of a customer
        The number of referrals generated by each customer

The Next Step - A Telephone Conversation

I only work with a limited number of clients at any one time. To make sure the businesses I might work with are a good fit, and that our goals are mutually compatible, it's important that I learn about your business operation and your business philosophy.

Your decision will be whether or not you want to work with me to implement the business building strategies that have worked for thousands of other businesses to double, triple, and even quadruple their incomes in some cases.

My decision will be to determine if yours is the business that will provide the greatest opportunity for growth and profit for both you and me. I will be looking at several factors, such as whether or not you...

  1. Run an honest and ethical business operation. (If there's anything "borderline" or "shady" about the way you operate, I won't even consider working with you.)

  2. Operate a truly service-oriented business. (A one-time-sale, "take-their-money-and-run" business operation is not our idea of an ideal client. A commitment to after-the-sale follow up and service are not just good business strategies, they're critical in determining who I will work with.)

  3. Offer products and / or services that are top quality and truly beneficial to the purchaser.

  4. Are totally committed in your business philosophy, desire, and attitude to make yours the business that dominates your marketplace.

If you're ready to get started, or want to find out more, just give me a call or send me an email using the information on the left, and we'll schedule a time to talk. You can tell me where you want to be, and what you want to accomplish, and I'll tell you what it will take to make it happen - and if I'm the right person to help you.

My Consulting Principles

  1. I only accept clients I strongly believe I can help. If a client's needs are beyond the scope of my expertise, I'll say so. If possible I'll refer such a client to an appropriate professional.

  2. I work not just at fulfilling the need the client brings to me, but also at discovering or creating other opportunities for the client to profit. My objective is to maximize both the current revenue and long term asset value of your business.

  3. Whenever possible, I prefer to charge a relatively low retainer or base fee (about the cost of a minimum wage kid) and derive the bulk of my compensation as a commission on the new profit I bring in to a business.

NOTE: I am only able to accept a limited number of new clients as openings become available. Open slots are filled by qualified clients on a first-come, first-served basis. To avoid waiting for an available slot, call 1-866-929-4246, ext. 703 to schedule our telephone appointment at your earliest convenience.

I look forward to speaking with you.

Best regards,

P.S. - Even if we decide not to work together, you'll go away with a bunch of valuable ideas and strategies - just for your business that you can put to use right away.